Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Men face many challenges that can stop or delay their  advancement in life and the Kingdom of God. Sometimes the things we love are (or can) become the challenges in our lives. In other words, these challenges are your giants and every man must confront his giants. Our challenges are both external and internal - at work, school,  church, the community – all external but I believe it’s the challenges of the inner man that is most central to how we overcome our challenges and issues.

Your giants could be personal (physical, emotional, psychological), social or spiritual. Each of us must identify our giants first before we can defeat them. The Apostle identified the root cause of these giants in the scriptures:

1 John 2:15-17 Love not the world, neither the things of the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in Him. For all that is in the world; the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof; but he that doeth the will of God abideth forever. 

This scripture identifies every source, the root cause of every challenge, trials, test you will face in life. Also the Apostle John gives us the answer to our challenge  - He who does the will of the Father will endure. The will of God is the Word of God. The Bible has the solution to defeat every giant in your life.

There are great men in our country have faced and defeated their personal or social giants. The Bible is full of examples of how great men managed their challenges, their giants and defeated them. A look at their lives would be a lesson for every man alive.  

Here are some examples of giants men faced in the Bible:


Disobedience,  Lust for Power
Genesis 3
Expelled from the Garden of Eden
Isa 14; Ezek 28
Expelled from heaven and became satan
Frustration lead to Disobedience
 Num 20:8-12
Had a murmuring and complaining congregation who did not see the promised land
Joshua, Caleb (12 spies)
Fear vs. trusting in God’s word
Numbers 13
Follow God rather than popular opinion
Low self esteem
Judges 6
Called to lead but lived in doubt and low self esteem

Fornication, sexual immorality
Judges 13 thru 16
Lust of the flesh, died while fulfilling his destiny
King Saul 
Disobedience,  Lust for Power
1 Samuel 15
Lost the anointing of God and the kingdom; rebellion - witchcraft and stubbornness is iniquity and idolatry
King David of Israel

Pride, Adultery, Murder
2 Sam 24; Acts 13
Numbered the people to show his power and the result was 70,000 died; Adultery and murder However David was always quick to repent; A man after God's heart.
Solomon (wisdom & wealth)
Sexual immorality, Idolatry
1 Kings 11:3
Womanizer, fornication lead to Idolatry
Naaman, captain of the King of Syria's army
Arrogance, Pride
2 Kings 5:1 – 11
Expected the prophet Elisha to do a public show to heal him instead of obeying instructions 
Gehazhi, Elisha’s servant
2 Kings 5:20 - 27
Because of greed he got the leprosy of Naaman.
Position and title
Daniel 6: 10-28
Sent to the lion’s den because of his belief in God. Faith in God in the face of death
Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego (3 Hebrew young men)
Position and title
Daniel 3: 13-30
Thrown into the fiery furnace because they stood on the Word of God. Trust and Faith in God in the face of death
Unfaithful wife
 Hosea 1
Obeyed God rather than leaving his wife 
John the Baptist
Doubt, unbelief and offence due to being imprisoned by Herod.
Matt 11:2 - 6
Are you the one or should we look for another? Blind, lame, deaf, dead, poor (gospel) blessed who not offended.
Apostle Paul
Beatings, shipwreck, assassination, prison and death, Thorn in the flesh
Acts  10 to 26
Faithful to God and the call on his life. Humility – open every epistle – servant or slave of Christ
Apostle Peter
Racism, Prejudice
Gal 2: 11-21
Ate with the Gentiles but separated himself when the other Jewish Christians appeared
Apostle John
Persecution and prison
Revelation 1
Exiled to prison for preaching the Gospel
Fredrick Douglas
Fight racism in the church to help the anti-slavery movement; Was born a slave but still stood on Christian principles of truth, love and integrity

Regarded as a great man, an abolitionist against slavery
Martin Luther King Jr.
Racial discrimination

Walk in love at the risk of his life

The giant list: pride, disobedience, frustration, fear, persecution, sexual immorality, greed, lust for power and influence, pleasing man rather than God, doubt, unbelief, prejudice, racism and discrimination.

 What about you man? Do you know what are the giants in your life? Can you look into your soul to identify your weak areas? Can you track your life history to identify your past giants and how you handled them? Do you have a strategy to defeat them?

Jesus did – he faced every test and trial.  Jesus Christ faced and defeated the ultimate giants of sin and death by giving His life for all mankind so we can be victorious over our giants.

The question for you and I is – Do you have a strategy to defeat your giants?