Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How is the Condition of Your Heart ?

Heart Condition 

Hello Christians how is your heart? Can we say that our heart is getting more and more sincere towards God and people? So now that we are saved, are we transforming daily to be more and more like Christ?

How much time are we spending in the Word and prayer? Are we caught up with the things that are popular in this world? Are we indulging in "secret sins" by ignoring the warnings of the Holy Spirit? Is Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat etc. our way to be involved in inappropriate and sinful communications, pictures and videos that dishonor God?  Are we spending time in the scriptures that we share on social media everyday? 

I believe that we really need to reevaluate how the Internet and social media has opened vast opportunities to indulge in sin. I know the modern Information Age has indeed opened more ways to spread the gospel of Christ. How are you using it Christians? We all need a heart check. The Bible says that we have to give account for every single idle word we express. 

Sin is a heart killer and dulls our hearing and sensitivity to the voice of God. We need a heart that is sensitive to the voice of God. We all need to answer the question - How is the condition our heart?