Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Why do men give in to compromise when their reputation, position or personal gain is threatened  by truth and integrity? Why is it so difficult in these days to find leaders of good character? We see this lack in politics, business, entertainment and even religion in society today. It is an indication that people are willing to do anything to gain power and success. It may explain what has happened in the 2016 Presidential elections in America and the moral decline in our nation. Too many leaders find it hard to condemn  politicians who use hatred and bigotry to advance their political ambition. Some leaders sit quietly when others promote abominable behavior as the norm in our society. Even some Christian leaders are unwilling to speak boldly and publicly against the legalization of sinful practice - for fear of losing their 501 (3)c status? When morality declines in any society - economic and social decline follows. The decline in the character of leadership is indeed a warning sign. While many leaders are standing firm, we need more leaders to stand up for truth and integrity, because the true leaders are under severe attacks.

What is going on? I believe a key reason is that too many leaders trust themselves more than they trust God. They trust their education and experience more than they trust God. Even Christians leaders in this category trust their own experience more than trusting the Holy Spirit. It is time for people to demand more integrity from their leaders. Leaders who fear truth and lack integrity are actually saying that they don't need God. But God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. In other words, God is all-powerful, all-knowing and is everywhere at the same time. As the prophet Isaiah says "God knows the end of a thing at its beginning" (Isa 46:9-10). And God is not a respecter of persons. He will bypass our education, our experience, our money, our knowledge to get what he wants done on earth. God does not need us.

Did not Paul say in I Corinthians 1 that God confounds the wise and the strong of this world by using the simple and weak? God does not need you or me to get things done. I know it is hard on our pride to hear that God does not need us. He has no needs because HE is God. He can use anybody when he wants, where He wants and how He wants. He does not ask our permission to get things done. He does not have to consult with any type of leader to use an individual to complete a task. God does not need you and I, we need God. So it is high time that leaders humble themselves before God, seek His face and do whatever He shows them regardless of the consequences. He knows the end so we must put our trust in Him and not in our own strength, position, title or experience.

Without God we can't breathe a breath of oxygen; without Him we can't walk or sleep, Without Him we can't read or sing; without Him we can't truly love our family, our enemies or feed the dog. We need Him and we need Him all the time. So every leader and every person must stop boasting about their education and money, their experience and charisma, their social connections or position. We could not get any of it if God did not keep us alive and brought some of us through some mind blowing dangers and situations which should have caused us to go crazy, put us in the mental institution or even killed us. We need God. I heard some preachers say that God needs a man to get anything done on the earth. That's not what my Bible says. I read in the Book of Acts 12 where God sent sent the angel of the Lord to destroy King Herod who blasphemed the name of God. He did not use a man. So never feel that God needs you and I. He does not need us. So let us humble ourselves because we need God.